4-Point Harness Seat Pass Through Kit with Override Clip

$ 199.00

The UTVMA Pass-Through Kit allows you to add a 4-point harness to your seat. The simple directions are included. This addition to your ride will not only make for a more comfortable time. It also gives you added stability and control for you and your passenger. For more great products head to our website!

Kit Includes:

2 - UTVMA 4-Point Harnesses
2 - Harness Pass-Through
1- Override Clips
2- Cut-Out Template
1 - Instructions
All Mounting Hardware

RZR Seat Belt Pass Through Slots 
- Helps prevent harnesses from falling off a rider's
- Allows for etter fitment keeping the rider in place 
-Clean good looking finished look
- Can be installed in many different seats                                                   

RZR 1000 Bump seat W 4 Point Harness
RZR 1000 &  RZR 4 1000 2014-2023 Turbo, Dynamix Front & Rear , RZR Trubo S 2018-2023  / RZR S 900, Trail 900 & RZR 4 900 2015-2023 

 "Over Ride Clip  Bypass Clip 
-Installation of the bypass plug to disable the speed limiter
-Works with Polaris/Can-Am
- No cutting and splicing, just plug it in and get ready to ride."    

Tutorial Instruction Video: https://youtu.be/9ZARWNJXu1g