Yamaha RMAX/Wolverine X4 Rear Bench Seat (2018-2024)

$ 1,200.00 $ 1,350.00
save$ 150

Wolverine RMAX/X4 Rear Bench Seat  (2018-2024):

Change your Wolverine X4 into a 5 Seater

Package includes:

- One Rear Bench seat made of all black vinyl

- 3 UTVMA 4 Point Harness with sewn in harness pad and chest buckle

- All Mounting hardware (this seat includes 2 mounting brackets )

- Installation instructions


Other Information:

-This Bench seat will fit the 2018-2024 Wolverine X4

- Change your Wolverine X4 into a 5 Seater

- Width of the bench seat: 49 inches

- Wolverine X4 Rear bench seat must have aftermarket seat belts (the stock seat belts must be removed)

-Wolverine X4 Rear bench seat fits in the rear of the Machine  

- Wolverine X4 Rear bench seat has two head rests (as pictured)

-Install time is about 90 minutes